Nov 30, 2012

Photoshop before photoshop

Photo manipulation from 1840s to 1990s. More here.

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Nov 28, 2012

When *I* was young...

Nov 27, 2012


Over at Mannonvile, Lance has a long response to the New York magazine article about Asperger's Syndrome.  

He is bothered that most people think of Asperger’s as nerdiness mixed with reflexive jerkiness:
On TV and in the movies a character with Asperger’s will invariably respond to something another character has done or said by saying or doing the absolutely inappropriate thing. In real life, Aspies are just as likely---more likely---to respond by not responding. They’ll give you a baffled stare or continue on as if you haven’t said or done what you said or did. 
This is because they’ve either failed to see the flashing stop light of someone’s facial expression or body language and so they plunge on ahead into the path of oncoming emotional traffic or they know they’ve missed something or fear they’ve missed something and for safety’s sake cling to the curb.

And knowing they’ve likely missed a signal, they will often try to guess at what that signal might have been and then guess at the appropriate response and they guess wrong often enough to get a reputation for guessing wrong. People start ignoring when they’ve guessed right and focusing on all their wrong and goofy guesses. 

Nov 20, 2012

Nov 19, 2012

What is going on here?

If you want an example of a "I don't know what this is so I'll pretend I like it. Btw, where am I, anyway?" look, check out 3:03 part of the video:

Nov 16, 2012

Spoiled or honest?

Deadspin posted an email a 21-year old woman sent to her friends and family. It's a quite  an extensive list of things she wants for Christmas, helpfully broken down into "stocking stuffers," "smaller grade items," and "larger more expensive items." She also includes detailed descriptions so people get her exactly what she wants (she hates purple).

What do you think? Is she a spoiled brat ("If someone doesn't know what to get me, and they can't afford anything listed here I am also giving giftcard options!") or a naive person who is trying to be helpful ("I also love anything by Hunter S Thompson or Mitch Albom" - aren't those guys like the exact same writer)?

I don't know what she looks like but I am certain she is hot.

The email is below and has the best opening sentence ever written.
I kept it simple this year. I am asking for a few things (although some what expensive). Obviously I don't expect all of these things. 
Stocking Stuffers!
-Taylor Swift CD (Red)
-Maroon 5 CD (overexposed)
-Starbucks Giftcard
-Godiva Chocolates/Ferror Roche Chocolates (biggest box you can find!)
-Fuzzy Socks/Wool Socks/Legwarmers (any color but off white)
-Fake Diamond Stud Earrings, Fake Pearl Stud earrings
-Blistex Chapstick
-Gloves (thick)
If someone doesn't know what to get me, and they can't afford anything listed here I am also giving giftcard options!
Victoria's secret Giftcard because I need bras
Mac Giftcard because I am trying to switch my makeup over to Mac, currently my make up has been making me breakout
Smaller Grade Items
1. Books
I need the rest of the Hunger Games series because I have already read the first book. I also want to start reading the 50 shades of gray series. I also love anything by Hunter S Thompson or Mitch Albom but I will probably like anything off the New York Times Best Seller List as well.
2. A Straightener
Nothing expensive but a good brand that will last and works for thick hair. Not the kind that dries from wet to straight, and not the ones with shine control.
3. A Curling Iron
I want one of the thick ones so I can do big barrel curls. Again nothing expensive but a good brand that is going to last.
4. OC on DVD seasons 1, 2, 4.
5. Pretty Little Liars on DVD all season 1-3/4
6. Sweet home alabama on DVD
7. Harry Potters #3 and 6-7
8. Twilight eclipse and breaking dawn part 1
9. Nightmare before christmas on DVD
10. Bridesmaids on DVD
11. Crazy Stupid Love on DVD
12. A Year without a Santa Claus on DVD 
Larger More Expensive Items
1. Black purse.
Brand doesn't particularly matter as long as it looks good. I like all of the ones I sent you pictures of, so any of those.
2. Brown Riding Boots.
Only if they weren't purchased for my birthday. The Brown Guess ones from Macy's. size 8 $80
I couldn't find the boots I had previously sent you the link too, so I found another pair that I like also from Macy's.
[Link]"cognac" in size 8
3. Uggs.
Obviouly Uggs have gone up in price, and the "tall" ones which I want, are expensive.
[Link]prefrably mushroom but any color but rum raisin and black. size 8
I did find fake uggs that I also really like which have rubber bottoms which is perfect. These are also available through Macy's. size 8
[Link] in tan, size 8
or these [Link] in the tan size 8
4. Laptop Bag
I did send you the link to the Michael Kors tote bag which is the correct dimensions to fit my laptop. It is a little expensive. Its available in black chestnut and sand. I would like the black.
I looked online to Vera Bradley and they didn't have 18" laptop sleeves but [Redacted] got on from the actual store. As far as patterns go, nothing obnoxious and please no purple!
5. Michael Kors rainboots.
They're available through Macy's for $80 in black size 8 please
6. Rain jacket.
I looked at North Face first and they were too expensive. I looked at LL Bean because they have the lifetime garauntee with everything you buy from there, and I looked at Columbia because they also offer a lot of outerwear.
LL Bean $89 Black Small [Link]Columbia $65 Black Small [Link]7. Victorias Secret Sweatsuit
I look forward to this present the most!
I love this set through victorias secret pink [Link]pants, small, no green, indigo, deep pink, or berry please
hoodie, small, and also none of those colors + heather silver.
I also love this set as well [Link]pants, small, no deep sea blue or gray blue
hoodie, small also not these colors + medium blue
I LOVE BOTH OF THESE HOODIES SO MUCH! small in either kind
[Link]8. Claddaugh Ring
only if it wasn't already bought for my birthday. Sterling silver and I think my ring size is close to a 4
9. Pandora Charm
Preferably anything related to christmas, or a murano glass charm to bring some color to my bracelet. Again no pink purple or orange please.
Love, [Redacted]!

Nov 12, 2012

I see where he is coming from

People have different reactions to the Obama victory. Some are elated. Some are disappointed. Some think it's better than the alternative. Some are threatening to move to Canada (no comment). 

And then there is Eric Dondero.

Eric is ending all his relationships with Democrats. That includes family, friends, employers, girlfriends, husbands and strangers.
Are you married to someone who voted for Obama, have a girlfriend who voted 'O'. Divorce them. Break up with them without haste. Vow not to attend family functions, Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas for example, if there will be any family members in attendance who are Democrats.
The journalist then asks him couple of questions:
Q: You come upon a neighbor — whom you know to be a Democrat — drowning in a lake. You're the only person in the vicinity. Do you help him?
A: Whew! Now that one is really, really tough. I honestly do not have an answer for that one.
And to convince you that this man is a true believer:
Q: You require a risky and complicated brain surgery, one that is performed by only two neurosurgeons in the country. One is a Republican and the other is a Democrat, but the Republican is generally unknown, and the Democrat was just heralded by TimeMagazine as the nation's best neurosurgeon. Everything else — the cost, location, etc. — is the same. Which doctor do you choose?A: Simple: Avoid them both. Go to Mexico for your medical treatment. Avoid all the red tape and bureaucracy.
Read more about Eric.

Nov 8, 2012

Advice to writers

"Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet."

Nov 6, 2012

Since it's the election day

Here's a quick summary of the campaigns' email strategies, showing the number of messages each candidate has sent since May. 

Does anyone know why Romney campaign would take a two and a half month break from sending emails?

None of Romney's emails had a single word subject but one out of seven Obama's emails did, including "hey" (most common one), "Joe," and "so."

Read more about the email strategies here.

Nov 2, 2012