Apr 11, 2012

This may be the best video ever made

It has everything you'd ever want in a video.
  • Guy wearing a blanket
  • The bass player playing bass guitar. That's not connected to anything. In the desert. 
  • Line "Madama say madama young"
  • With the intended sentence being "You know what they say about the young"
  • A horse
  • Road trip montage
  • "I am a sensitive artist" facial hair
  • Prayer circle
  • Cool flashing of cool symbols to indicate time travel
  • The drummer hitting bongos with a wrench
  • Gang signs
  • Random dude with cool hair
  • Steer skull
  • Tap dancing
  • Guy running backwards for no reason
  • A real angel
  • Contemplative thinking
  • Self-satisfied smirk

Let me know what I missed.

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