Aug 2, 2012

Because China

China is famous for being a land of pointless absurdities and unnecessary conveniences.

The most succinct explanation from this comment:

When I first arrived, I was informed by a nice older gentleman, "do not ever ask 'why' here. You can ask yourself any other question, and the answers will enlighten you. But do not ask 'why,' because here, there is no 'why.'" And he was right. The answer--the only answer--to "why" is "because China."
And here's another one. Wealthy people regularly hire body doubles to serve their jail sentence.
The practice of hiring “body doubles” or “stand-ins” is well-documented by official Chinese media. In 2009, a hospital president who caused a deadly traffic accident hired an employee’s father to “confess” and serve as his stand-in. A company chairman is currently charged with allegedly arranging criminal substitutes for the executives of two other companies. In another case, after hitting and killing a motorcyclist, a man driving without a license hired a substitute for roughly $8,000.
Because China.

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