Jun 17, 2013

How tough?

From our friend Lance Mannion:
You probably heard this story in history class in high school, how in the days of Roman conquest, Julius Caesar’s army entered a barbarian kingdom and early one morning Caesar sent one of his generals to the barbarian king’s camp to demand their surrender? 
The barbarian king laughed. 
The general warned the king not to underestimate the Romans. We are very tough, he said. 
How tough? said the king smiling.
The general looked around. It was a chilly morning and there was a fire burning in a brazier by the king’s chair. The general strode up to the brazier and stared into the fire. Then he turned to the barbarian king. 
Do you have any coffee? the general asked. 
We’ll have to brew a new pot, said the king. 
The general grinned. 
I can wait, he said. 
The king surrendered on the spot.

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