Jun 1, 2012

40oz. to Freedom

June marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Sublime's first album, 40oz. to Freedom. At that point, the band members were just three guys from Long Beach. No record deal, no tour, no nothing. They sold records at shows and out of the back of their car.

Everyone I know used to listen to this album in high school.

Bassist Eric Wilson:
"It's about a forty-ouncer and the walk to the liquor store -- that was our freedom. "
Badfish tends to be one of the more popular songs. I'd love to hear what's yours.

""Ebin" is cool because it is one of the first recordings that we did. My dad took us to this studio in Hollywood and when he came to pick us up he came in and recorded. He was a classically trained jazz drummer. Played in the big band era. He tracked the bongos in one take. We sounded like school kids compared to him."
More about Sublime and 40oz. here.

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