Jun 29, 2012

On Ballmer

Following Microsoft's acquisition of Yammer, a commenter explains how he feels about Steve Ballmer:
It is THIS kind of shit, this right here, which is why he deserves worst CEO. Instead of actually hiring good people and more importantly giving them the freedom to innovate Ballmer simply blows through money like Charlie Sheen at a porn convention on a coke binge, which will take years to pay off as you point out but I would point out instead the likelihood it'll never pay off at all, ala Kin. This is the yahoo deal all over again on the WTF scale. 
Seriously is there NO hope of getting rid of this clown? Frankly the longer he is CEO the more the Pepsi guy at Apple just looks misunderstood. [...] Gates may have been an evil bastard but at least he was an evil bastard that knew WTF he was doing, Ballmer is just a buffoon.

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