Dec 5, 2012

Greatest hoodie ever made

Slate published an article about profitably manufacturing clothes in the US. But it's also an homage to a thoughtfully designed sweatshirt that was created with durability, comfort, functionality and style in mind.

Apparently, a hoodie is not just a hoodie.

American Giant is an apparel "start up" (in the Bay Area, every company is a start up) that was created by a former Apple industrial engineer. He wants to create high quality clothes, in America, that looks good. And he may have created a perfect hoodie.
The result is a sweatshirt with several design elements you won’t find on the competition. The most obvious difference is that American Giant’s hoodie is fitted—it sits close around your chest, then gently tapers in around your stomach, resulting in a garment that doesn’t look slouchy. At great expense—and after lots of experimentation—Manoux added a “side-panel” to the hoodie, a strip of stretchy fabric that joins the back of the hoodie to the front. The side panel gives the hoodie “mobility,” Manoux explained—it allows you to raise your arm all the way up without feeling the whole coat ride up on you.
 American Giant hoodie can be found here.

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